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TL Lamp

Selling TL lights | cheap neon prices

 TL (Tube Light) or also known as neon lights is one type of explosion proof lamps that are widely used for industrial and commercial needs. TL lamps are designed with tubular bulbs and are filled with fluorescent gas which when electrodes get high voltage this gas will ionize, causing the electrons in the gas to move and flatten the fluorescent layer in the TL tube tube layer. The characteristic of this TL lamp is that it is able to produce light output per watt of power that is used higher than ordinary incandescent lamps.

We sell neon lights at cheap prices in Jakarta. One of the advantages of fluorescent lamps or TL lamps is that they can save electricity by up to 60% from the use of TL Neon or TL Fluorescent lamps because they do not require starters and ballasts which can also consume more electricity (especially on Inductive type Ballasts).
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